Year 5 and 6 pupils excel in Drama Master Class

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On Saturday 19th January, Year 5 and 6 pupils from local schools learned direction and improvisation in our Drama Master Class with experienced LAMDA teacher Katie West.

The group played some ice breaker games so that everyone could get to know each other, and then divided into four groups to act out Little Red Riding Hood, one group being the Wolf, one being Grandma, one being the Huntsman and one being Little Red Riding Hood. There was no script; the children were given direction and then improvised, with everyone able to play a part.

At the end of the two-hour Master Class, pupils performed their piece in front of their parents who were very impressed with what they had put together:

Summer said, “We played three games and then we learned the play, so it was really good”; Evelyn said it was “very, very fun!”; and Evie said that she was very happy to have made lots of friends.

Evie’s mother said that Evie had come out of the class “bubbling over with confidence and happiness”, and Emma’s mother said, “Emma absolutely enjoyed the Master Class as I did the performance. To achieve such an entertaining piece in so short a time was very impressive.”