Year 13 pupils secure first choice universities

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Wednesday 1st May was the final deadline for our Year 13 pupils to ‘lock in’ their first and insurance choices for their university applications via UCAS.

Many of our pupils have received offers from their dream university locations and we have many well-known institutions as firm choices for this year’s cohort, including University of Exeter, Loughborough University and Imperial College London.

Year 13 pupils should now be fully committed to a regular revision timetable to enable them to meet their UCAS criteria and attend their firm choice institution.

This will be confirmed via UCAS track on results day (Thursday 15th August). Please click here for some further revision tips from UCAS.

The Year 12s UCAS journey has already begun, with their focus on Project Horizon now being personal statements. They have an internal deadline of June 17th for their first draft and will be using ‘Futures Day’ on Wednesday 26th June to not only work on their UCAS applications but also consider the realm of opportunities that Apprenticeships offer.

Parents of Year 12s are welcome to come to the Parental information Evening from 5:15-6pm on Wednesday 26th June in The Function Suite to get to grips with the world of UCAS and Apprenticeships.

The Head of Sixth Form (Mr Hart-Dyke) and the Orchard Housemaster (Mr Davies) will also be in attendance as well as myself as Head of Careers/Acting Head of UCAS (Mr Duff) to answer any queries. If Parents/Guardians would like to attend this information evening, please email