Year 12 politics debate

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Whilst some subjects were winding down for Christmas, the Year 12 Politics pupils were gearing up for a hotly contested debate on the motion ‘Further constitutional reform in the UK is urgently needed’. The motion was proposed by Nelly and Will, who put forward strong arguments in favour of further devolution and the need for electoral reform, specifically arguing that First Past The Post is past its sell-by date and is undemocratic. Early points were won in these early exchanges, but the opposition fared better when it came to House of Lords reform and the Human Rights Act.

Unlike those at Westminster, the debate was conducted in a very good-natured fashion and points were, on occasion, conceded with good grace. Several very strong arguments ensued, back and forth across the table. In the end, our independent adjudicator Assistant Head Academic, Emily Hill, faced a difficult task but decided that the motion had not carried and that it is not the case that further constitutional reform is urgently needed.