Year 11 pupils’ note-worthy performances

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On Thursday 22nd November, our Year 11 BTEC Music Performance pupils hosted a brand new event which was a Music Performance exam evening. The pupils have been working hard over the past couple of months to prepare both a solo/duo performance as well as a whole-group number to perform in front of a real audience made up of friends, family, and members of the School community.

Pupils are assessed on elements such as their fluency of the music, as well as their energy and commitment on stage, and the way they engage their audience. Each pupil demonstrated exceptional confidence whilst performing and the evening proved to be a huge hit as the group performance that ended the set was given a standing ovation. This is just one of four units of work the Year 11 pupils will be completing this year, all of which will provide them with real-life opportunities to develop their skills as a musician. We can’t wait to see what they manage to produce next.

Head of Music, Jonny Brinson, said, “We’re simply beyond proud of what our pupils have managed to achieve. It’s no secret that our department doesn’t do anything by half measures, so if we’re going to have a live music performance as part of an exam, then why not make an event of it and do that exam in front of a real audience? It’s just one of the many ways we ensure that each opportunity we offer our pupils is not only fun and engaging, but it provides them with real and relevant life experiences that they can carry forward and apply to the modern day Music industry that they will be looking to find careers in.”