Year 10 Religious Studies Candle Conference

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​​​​​​​The Year 10 Religious Studies pupils went to London to a Candle Conference to find out more about the rigours and challenges of the Religious Studies course as well as to reflect on what they had learnt over the past term.

On our way, we had the pleasure of passing the LBC studios as Boris Johnson and his entourage were leaving. Starting the day in such a way meant that we were ready for the arguments and thinking time that Peter Vardy would provide.

The day started at 10.30 am sharp, and Peter Vardy introduced the key philosophical concepts of God before looking at the arguments that have been used throughout history to support belief in God. In the true Vardy way, he did not allow the pupils to relax, using a variety of colourful and extreme examples to get them thinking about the realities of the topics being studied.

The first session flew by and after a brief break to catch our breath, Vardy continued with thoughts about the afterlife, focusing on the resurrection and what this means to Christians today. His mix of engaging examples, video clips, and direct questioning kept Year 10 on their toes all day.

In the final session when we looked at abortion and euthanasia, Vardy picked on Joe as an example of someone who had put down his cat as its quality of life was low, whilst explaining the views of Singer who, unlike the Catholic church, puts no emphasis on the concept of the sanctity of life.

Due to the events of the day (our thoughts and prayers are with all those affected), we left just before the debate (which we proceeded to have on Thursday in the lesson). The conference was a great opportunity for the pupils to reflect on what they had learnt, be challenged in new ways and to join other Religious Studies pupils from the local area. The day stretched them, but proved useful in getting them to think about the topics in different ways, and as they move on to new topics, their foundation is now set to further their thinking and understanding.