Bethany School pupils discover World War I cap badge

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There was an exciting find here on our school grounds this week, when ​pupils from our ‘Acorns Gardening Club’ discovered a World War I Regimental Army cap badge. It came to light whilst the pupils were collecting soil samples.

The cap badge was inscribed with Honi Soit Qui Mal y Pense, which appears on several British Military cap badges, as well as being incorporated into the figurehead of HMS Victory. The phrase translates as ‘Shame be he who thinks evil of it’.

This particular cap badge is from the Queen Mary’s Regiment Surrey Yeomanry. The Surrey Yeomanry was raised as a unit of the British Army forming as volunteer Cavalry Regiment some time in 1794 during the French Revolutionary Wars.

Daniel Reilly, one of the pupils who discovered the badge, said: “My friend and I were collecting soil samples to test permeability when I saw something glistening in the ground. I scraped away the soil to find what we thought was a medal at first, but after further research we discovered that it was an army cap badge.”

Pupils and staff at Bethany are curious as to how the badge came to be on our School grounds, who might have dropped it and what they were doing here. Unfortunately, we will never know!