‘Winner takes all’ in tug of war

Posted In Competitive Houses

On Friday 22nd September, Tug of War marked the first competition in the annual contest between the competitive houses; Kiplings, Roberts and Speakers, to win the coveted Jessel Shield. The whole school met in the Sports Hall at the end of the day, filled with anticipation and nerves as new Heads of House, Mr Reilly and Mr Cuthbert took charge alongside the ‘experienced’ Mr Turner.

Kiplings made a flying start to the proceedings, beating both the other houses in the Year 7 competition. However, this was the highlight of their afternoon, as they only won three more pulls in the afternoon, as both Roberts and Speakers took control. After 21 matches the two houses could not be separated, as the both ended with eight victories. There will be a winner takes all, single grudge match featuring the best of each year group to decide the trophy on Friday 29th September.

In the closing event, Speakers won the staff event and Mr Cuthbert gratefully accepted the trophy on behalf of his team. A big thankyou to all the staff and the house captains for this smooth running of the event, and a special mention goes to Dan Akowe who took part in the Year 9, 11 and Sixth Form teams!