Bethany School raises £300 for the Weald Family Hub

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In November of last year, Bethany Eco Schools came up with the great idea of running a Happy School Bag collection. Happy School Bag collects re-usable clothes to avoid landfill and sends the clothes to those less fortunate than ourselves in Eastern Europe.

Thanks to their hard work and the amazing generosity of the Bethany parents and staff, in January we donated a phenomenal half a tonne of clothing to the scheme! This raised over £300 which we have split between a local charity – the Weald Family Hub and the purchase of a fruit tree, so we can join the Boarding Association’s orchard.

The Weald Family Hub is a local charity that is supporting children, young people and their families who are struggling with mental health in the Wealden villages. The Hub is working in partnership with Fegans, a highly respected charity that specialises in working with teenage mental illness and is focussed on providing subsidised mental health counselling to 12 local Primary and Secondary schools as well as giving access to 1:1 community support to families who are struggling to manage family life.

£300 raised will pay for one struggling person to receive a 12-week counselling course. The action Bethany Eco School’s has taken will change one life for the better.