Warriors for Change Group

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​​​​​​​So far this year the Warriors for Change have already begun on our mission to make the world a healthier place.

The first of our endeavours was a Chapel on the problems with single-use plastic products and its negative effects on the ocean. We were accompanied by representatives from the School Council as well as a Year 8 project-based learning group who contributed by talking about Water Aid and how we can help with the water crisis in Africa.

At the Chapel, it was also announced the date of Blue Day, a non-uniform day where students can wear blue if they donate at least £2. One hundred per cent of the donations will be going to the Water Aid Charity, an international non-government organisation, focused on water, sanitation, hygiene and it is a cause that we as Warriors of Change are very passionate about.

This charity is currently stationed in 34 countries in Africa, Asia, Central America and the Pacific region helping poor communities establish sustainable water supplies and toilets, close to home, and to promote safe hygiene practices.

The second project that we have embarked on this half term is the organisation of Bethany’s new water bottle-merit scheme where students are awarded merits for bringing in sustainable water bottles for long periods of time.

This project will hopefully not only encourage more water consumption, which has numerous health benefits but also decrease the number of plastic cups used in the school for water thus lessening our plastic waste.

Finally, next term the Warriors for Change are also planning to repeat the Books2Africa donation due to the success of it last year. There will be information to follow nearer the time.