U13b gain experience in 7-a-side sessions

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The U13B Football team played a seven-a-side format against Battle Abbey School on Wednesday 20th September. The game was played in three 15-minute sessions and was used as an opportunity to include all the players. In the first session, Bethany scored first and looked to be applying good pressure in the early encounters but as the game settled the extra size and power of the Battle Abbey players started to show. Two late goals saw Battle Abbey edge the first third 2–1.

In the second session, a number of changes to the Bethany team meant the communication broke down. With little shape and few attacking opportunities, Battle Abbey dominated and scored freely.

In the final session the team came together, worked hard for each other and made the better of the attempts on goal. Unfortunately, they were not able to score, but they deserved to win this 15-minute session with a dominant performance. It ended 0–0 and Battle Abbey left with a comfortable win, but the Bethany players took more away from the experience.