The Woman in Black – Wendy Wu’s perspective, Year 9

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On Thursday 7 March 2019 Year 9 entered The Fortune Theatre in London to watch the ghost story, The Woman in Black. The theatre was very tiny and crowded. The audience could see the stage clearly because there were just a few people in front of us. It was very intimate, and we felt part of the performance. The lighting was quite dark and atmospheric, and, at times, you almost couldn’t see the person next to you. It made me feel very uncomfortable because the dark made me feel something spooky or dangerous was coming your way. And then the production began…

Year 9 were then treated to a dramatic and very tense performance of The Woman in Black that kept them on the edge of their seats. It was a brilliant performance and so many pupils came out of the theatre having LOVED the show. The Woman in Black is a play that Bethany pupils have been taken to many times over the years and never fails to have a positive and memorable impact.