The Apprentice – You’re Fired!

Posted In Academic, Sixth Form

Today marked the first of Lord Sugar’s firing sessions in this year’s Apprentice competition. All of the TV adverts required for the first challenge had been submitted to Mr Davies in good time and these were shown to the candidates and the watching Sixth Form on Thursday morning. Lord Sugar made good use of the snippets of information provided by his many spies, and those candidates who had done little, or who had done poorly, were quickly weeded out despite their best efforts at deflecting blame.

By common consent, the worst advert was the one submitted for ‘Bass Heavy Earphones’, but, in a controversial move, Lord Sugar chose not to fire anyone from this group, instead zeroing in on those he felt had contributed least to their own groups’ adverts; in the end, those to hear the dreaded words “You’re fired,” were Felix, Lucas and Harvey.

Some of the adverts submitted were of excellent quality, and Lord Sugar commended several of the groups for their work, with Belle singled out for particular praise for her stop-motion work in the ‘Tiger’ cat food advert.

Onwards and upwards to the next challenge!