The Apprentice Challenge has been launched

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​​​​​​​This week, 18 members of Year 12 put themselves forward to take part in the annual Apprentice Challenge competition.

This competition encourages team building, leadership and the ability to think on your feet. It also looks excellent on any application form.

For the last few years Mr Winter, our esteemed Deputy Head has taken on the role of ‘Lord Sugar’ and has certainly put our Sixth Formers through their paces. This year the role has been passed on to Mr Manktelow, and the initial signs are the competition is in very safe hands.

He analysed their application forms with a fine-tooth comb and has already got the competitors standing up for the claims they made in their applications. He has also set a very demanding first task. Candidates have to design and make bespoke Christmas cards for the Headmaster, the Deputy Headmaster and for the Bursar and have to sell them at a profit.

They have five days in which to do so and then, some of them will be fired. We wish all our competitors the very best of luck.