We are hugely grateful to all the parents, alumni and friends of Bethany School who have chosen to support our pupils by donating to the 1866 Fund and other projects.

Each and every donation makes a real difference and we are delighted to record our thanks to everyone who has supported us.

Francie Healy, Headmaster

Bethany School records with thanks the generosity of our donors to the 1866 Fund and to other projects which make possible the development of our facilities, the provision of scholarships and bursaries, and other initiatives which enhance the school experience for all our pupils.

Along with acknowledging the wide-ranging support given by all friends of the School – such as giving time as a volunteer, supporting our events, providing careers advice, and making possible other initiatives that benefit our pupils – Bethany School records its thanks to those donors and legacy pledgers who have chosen to remain anonymous.

Donors to Bethany School in the 2017 – 18 School Year

Mr Eric Adler
Stefanie Hart & Paul Andrews
Mr Adam Baldwin
Mr Samuel Berry
Mr Darren Berry
Mrs Ros Birchwood
Emma Casdagli
Mrs Adele Chantler-Merrie
Mr Kevin Charles
Mrs Mary Chettiar
Mr Mike Clark
Mrs Madeleine Clark
Mr Robert Coupland
Mr Neil Cunliffe
Mr Adam Davie
Mr Jason Duncan
Ms Joanna Edmonds
Mr and Mrs Thomas
Mr Tim Golds
Charlotte Hammonds
Mr Francie Healy
Mrs Emily Hill
Hochfeld Foundation
Mr Lee Hodgkinson
Miss Belinda Hollowbread
Miss Fiona Jones
Mrs Lee-Ann Jones
Mark and Karen Kennedy
Mr and Mrs Kilb
Dr Beatrice Lafon
Sarah and Ali Lumsden
Philip and Dawn Lye
Mr Stuart Martin
David and Joanne Morgan
Dr Natasha Rooney & Dr Matthew Nash
Mrs Charlotte Parker
Mr Robert Pilbeam
Mr Nick Randell
Mr Peter Reilly
Mr Richard Parker
Mr John Roberts
Mr Neil Russell
Alison and Jonathan Taylor
Mrs Janet Thomas
Mrs Jill Urquhart
Marc and Caroline Watson
Mr Graham Withers
Mr Jack Wood

Donors to the Bethany Tree, to date

Names listed in order of receipt:

Lydia Healy
Alice Healy
Andrew Pengelly
Peter Norgrove
Roger Kimber
Jonathan Gregory
Robin de Garston
Nick Matthews
Eric Adler
Brian J  Hall
Robert Pilbeam
Richard Barsley
Robert Coupland
Christopher S Harwood
Sam De Poel – Wood
Jim Kerr
John Schick
Rafael Sutcliffe-Roberts
Nick Randell
Alex Holmes
Nigel Petrie
John Stammers
Malcolm R Cleveley
Richard Pengelly
Kenneth Pengelly
George Curtis
Daniel Jude
Richard L Darlington
Ryan Michael Haynes-Askew
Bethany Helena Ward
Charlie Miller
Cyrus Ledgett
Will Wilkins
Dorothy Beales
Johnathan Higgins
Joseph Bateman
Harry Alford
Issy Altendorf
Arseniy Yunin
Thomas Healy
Emma Askew
Alex Wareham
Lauren McQueen
Amy McQueen
Oliver & William Craggs
Samuel Robinson
Eddie Barnes Yallowley
Wessel Hamman
Amy Tucker
Roger L Whitlock
Sam Butler
Jess and Josh Leaper
Gabriel Walker
Temitope Omisore
Lucinda White
Alexia Pickett
John H M Anthony
Paul Holmes
Adrian J Chapman
Lewis Thirkell
Nigel Kimber
Emilia Wyllie
Dilys Coley
Jack Brown
Warwick Crewe-Brown
Jonathan Lawrence
M G Jevons
F B Jevons
Jaime Berrocal Truchemotte
Alejandro Berrocal Truchemotte
Jim Kendon
Michael Simmonds
Christopher Andrew Geale
Richard Brian Fenech
John Joseph Fenech
Frederick H Ringer
Edgar A Ringer
David Coupe
Robert Michael Fenech