Textiles: more than making dresses

Posted In Creative

Textiles is not just about fashion and making dresses, it is much much more than that. It is about being playful with the materials you are using, experimenting with a variety of ideas, problem solving and most of all being creative and having fun with your work.

Head of School, Maria-Bilisa Dougan, is a prime example of what textiles is about and what you can achieve. She is being experimental and sculptural with her course work and it is a pleasure to watch her develop her ideas through the fabric.

She has developed an idea in her sketchbook of making head sculptures out of fabrics using stitching, applique and pleating techniques to create the shapes and contours of the face. It is original, playful and extremely creative. Bethany is a fantastic place full of diverse opportunity and allows you the chance to be creative and explore a wide range of subjects, Textiles being one of them.