Surprise Sixth Form gig

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Our Sixth Form Music Performance pupils made Bethany history yet again earlier this term by preparing and delivering the first ever lunchtime gig in the Sixth Form Centre. The pupils completely transformed the incredible facilities on offer by bringing in a full sound and lighting rig which even included a smoke machine.

This was done as part one of the units of their BTEC Level 3 qualification they are completing. The unit required them to perform a set of songs they had been working on in front of an audience. This is something that could have easily been done in the context of a lesson, but in Music we don’t do anything by half measures, so we took this as an opportunity to invite the school community to celebrate the talents of our pupils.

Pupils and staff thought they were being treated to an informal and engaging concert, but left feeling as if they had been to an energetic live music event.

Head of Music, Jonny Brinson, said: “This is hopefully the first of many more events like this at Bethany. It is my goal to bring Music into the heart of the school, so the more opportunities we can give our pupils to perform to and entertain their peers the better.”