Speakers victorious in triathlon debut

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Friday 13th October marked Bethany’s first inter-house triathlon. Those competing faced a gruelling combination of swimming, cycling and running. The race was divided into three age ranges, junior, intermediate and senior, with all the competitors starting keenly on Mr Payne’s whistle, just after 9 o’clock.

It was hotly contested from the start, as the pupils were keen to enter the Bethany record books by setting the fastest time. The sudden change in temperature out of the warm pool and onto the bike shocked a few, but everyone persisted until the very end and there was great comradery on show as the last competitor was cheered in and supported through the final 100m by those that had finished. This event wouldn’t have run without the support of the grounds and pool staff as well as Mr Payne and Mr Bing.

This will hopefully become at least an annual event with more pupils competing.

The Junior boys’ triathlon was won by Will Butters in 26 minutes 19 seconds and the girls’ by Delilah Hutchings in 26 minutes 44 seconds.

The Intermediate age was won by Max Brown in 26 minutes 13 seconds.

The Senior Triathlon was won by Archie Reynolds in 25 minutes 47 seconds.

These all now hold the course record. Overall the triathlon was won by Speakers, Kiplings came in second, followed by Roberts in last place.