Sixth Form Media Studies workshop

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On Tuesday 12th March Year 12 and 13 Media Studies pupils spent the afternoon in a focused study workshop with Rob Miller. Following the success of last year’s Year 11 workshop, we decided to invite Rob back to work on the set products and really get to grips with complex media theory.

Rob Miller is an experienced consultant, editor, freelance writer, current examiner and ex-curriculum manager who also organises GCSE and A level study days at the British Film Institue (BFI). The pupils were instantly engaged and found the workshop contributed hugely in strengthening their understanding of the subject.

They explored set products such as Vogue, The Big Issue and the newspaper industry and considered issues of ownership and control along with how media has, and is, evolving in the online age.

We look forward to welcoming Rob back on Thursday 28th March for the GCSE workshop.