Sixth Form dodgeball competition

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Keenly contested as ever, today was the day for what is becoming the traditional Sixth Form dodgeball competition. Mr Duff’s Tutor Group organised proceedings and kept everything running to a timetable planned with military efficiency. Rules were simple – hit someone else with the ball, don’t get hit yourself. Drama ensued as Eloise Wright took a fearful blow to the face from a ball thrown by Sam Bateman; karma followed when Sam was shortly afterwards hit in what cricket commentators cheerfully and euphemistically call ‘the midriff’. Cue much cheering all around.

As the rounds progressed, Mr Manktelow’s Tutor Group made serene progress, never really looking in trouble (although Seb Lund seemed to make a habit of being ‘out’ within the first thirty seconds of each match). In the final against Mr Duff’s Tutor Group, they once again defeated the opposition with ease – having all five players left to one of Mr Duff’s – and were crowned worthy champions.

Thanks to all the Sixth Form for their cheery and competitive participation, as well as their enthusiastic support of the remaining teams as the competition progressed, and thanks most of all to Mr Duff and his Tutor Group for organising such a great event.