Several teachers enrolled in the MIE programme over the summer

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As we wound down for summer this year, four members of staff were undertaking training in how to bring all Microsoft learning tools into our classrooms.

During last year several teachers enrolled onto the Microsoft Innovative Educators (MIE) programme which allows teachers to network worldwide and to take advantage of a wealth of training materials on how to use a range of Microsoft applications such as Teams, Notebook and an array of online software.

Each year Microsoft takes applications from the pool of MIEs to become Microsoft Innovative Educator Experts and in order to be accepted and awarded the role, you must undertake online training and complete short presentations explaining why you should become an expert and how you can use the role to advantage learners in your school.

It is not unusual for a school to have an MIE on their staff body but, in August, four members of Bethany staff were awarded Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert status: Mr Hamilton, Mrs Pack, Mrs Shapland and Miss Bridge! A fantastic achievement. Now to look forward to supporting all staff in continuing to create and develop classroom environments to fully embrace 21st-century learning habits.