Science debate

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Year 9 Science pupils were given this driving question: ‘How can we convince the Physical Education (PE) department that some of the football fields near the Science laboratories could be valuable if we built a wind farm?’

​​​​​​​To nudge their curiosity and skills of enquiry, they were all told that the Science department had applied for a permit to build ten industrial wind turbines to generate electricity.

The Tunbridge Wells City Council was, therefore, holding a Community Forum to discuss the proposed development, and everyone in and around Bethany had been invited.

Each group of pupils was given roles to represent: The Headmaster, Bursar, School Council, Marden Residents, Science teachers, PE teachers, Sir David Attenborough, the School Council, and The Mount and Pengelly boarding houses.

“Your job is to make Tunbridge Wells City Council side with your arguments”, all were told.

With all their hunger for learning and researching information, Year 9 took the challenge. This was an example of project-based learning that we offer to pupils in Science.

Through an activity that appeals and challenges pupils of all academic abilities, pupils learnt that putting up a wind plant is not a simple process, and it affects many people.