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We offer a range of scholarships for entry into Year 7, Year 9 and the Sixth Form. The value of a scholarship award is between 15% and 25% reduction in fees and entry onto a subject specific scholarship programme. The following scholarships are available at all three entry levels: 

Academic: Pupils who are awarded Academic scholarships need to demonstrate an aptitude in English, Mathematics and Science and in two other academic subjects. Academic scholarships attract a 25% fee remission.

Performing Arts: Pupils awarded a scholarship in Performing Arts need to demonstrate an aptitude in at least one of Drama, Music or Dance. Performing Arts scholarships attract a 15% fee remission if awarded in one discipline; 20% if awarded in two; 25% if awarded in all three.

Creative Arts: Pupils awarded a scholarship in Creative Arts need to demonstrate an aptitude in at least one of Art & Design and Design Technology. Creative Arts scholarships attract a 15% fee remission if awarded in one discipline; 20% if awarded in two; 25% if awarded in all three.

Sport: Sport scholarships attract a 15% fee remission.

Pupils can only be awarded one scholarship. There may be occasions when pupils on bursaries are also awarded scholarships, but the combined total will not exceed 50%.

Pupils who are not awarded scholarships but who are identified as having the potential to be scholars will be encouraged to participate in our High Flyers programme. This gives pupils access to elements of the relevant scholarship programme. There is no fee remission attached to the High Flyers programme. It is envisaged that participation in a High Flyers programme will become a necessary prerequisite for any internal candidates wishing to be considered for a scholarship.

Scholarship FAQs

Christopher Jackson Academic Scholarship

One or two fully funded secondary day school places will be awarded to pupils who attend primary state schools local to Bethany. This award will be for pupils entering Bethany at Year 7 who are aged 12 years or under at the start of the academic year of entry. The scholarship is named after Christopher Jackson, a former Chairman of Governors who was instrumental in setting up the endowment fund through which the scholarships are funded.

The scholarship is designed for pupils who are particularly able and have a capacity for academic excellence. It can be worth up to 100% of School fees (subject to means testing) for the pupil’s entire secondary education. Thus it offers a first class education to deserving pupils who have strong academic potential. It is open to both boys and girls and it is envisaged scholars will be in the top 10% of the ability range. We would expect pupils to have obtained an 11+ score of circa 400. They would also have National Curriculum predictions of above 113 by the end of Year 6, indicating that they are working at a greater depth within the expected standard.

Places will be offered subject to a supportive reference from their current Headteacher and a high performance in Entrance Assessments and scholarship papers. Potential scholars will be expected to sit papers in English, Mathematics, and one other subject from the following: Science, Geography, History, French or Religious Studies. There will also be a general paper for which no preparation is required. Final selection from shortlisted candidates will be by interview.

The precise value of the award will depend on the academic standard of the pupil, together with a means-tested component. In essence, a pupil who achieves the required standard and whose parents cannot afford to contribute to the fees will receive 100% scholarship. Those parents whose financial standing indicates a contribution can be made, will be asked to contribute an amount varying between 0-50%.

Bethany will expect all successful scholars to be keen participants in all that we offer. Whilst the award is intended for the full seven years of a child’s study at Bethany, it will be regularly reviewed and if the child’s academic performance or behaviour do not meet the high standards associated with this accolade it may be withdrawn. The continuation of the award beyond GCSE will depend on exam results which will be expected to be of A or A* standard.

Scholars are subject to the normal terms and conditions of all other pupils at Bethany.


Pupils new to the School must make an application for a bursary at the time of application to the School. For existing parents whose financial circumstances change during the time their child is at School, individual representations can be made directly to the Headmaster and Bursar. Priority consideration is given to those pupils who are in the final year of a GCSE or A level courses, i.e. in Years 11 and 13. The vast majority of all bursarial awards are 50% or less for current pupils, and 30% or less for new pupils.

The Governing Body has ultimate responsibility for the awarding of all awards and will, as a matter of routine, delegate detailed analysis of bursarial applications to an external agency who will liaise directly with parents in the first instance. The award of all bursaries is also based on the extent to which the School considers that the individual pupil can contribute most to and gain most from the educational experience at Bethany. These are normally means-tested every year (on income and capital), to ensure the School is scrupulous about fairness. For more details please contact the Registrar or the Bursary.

Are any other forms of financial assistance available?

Bethany Parent Hardship Fund

This fund has been set up to assist existing Bethany parents who have been severely impacted by the Coronavirus pandemic. Further details can be found here.

If you wish, you can download the Bethany Parent Hardship Fund Application Form.

Other support

Bethany offers a 10% remission of fees to children of members of the Armed Forces, to children of the clergy, and to siblings of existing Bethany pupils.