Pupils’ positive reaction to Salters’ Festival of Chemistry

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On Tuesday 17th April, four Year 7 and 8 pupils travelled to University College London to compete in the annual Salters’ Festival of Chemistry.

As always, the competition was fierce as teams from schools across the country vied to solve two challenges presented to them using a variety of chemical tests and forensic techniques. The Bethany School team: Thomas Eckley and Edith Lowe from Year 7 and Amaya Candappa and William Garner Hutton from Year 8, worked brilliantly as a team and were particularly successful in the University College Challenge.

The University College Challenge involved a rate of reaction experiment. The pupils were given a bottle of sodium thiosulfate and a bottle of hydrochloric acid which when added together produces a yellow precipitate of sulphur.

The pupils did so well that they finished in second place overall out of 36 schools, improving even further on the excellent third place finish achieved by last year’s team.

Alison Enticknap, a Lab Technician at the School, said: “We had a great day. Amaya, William, Edith and Thomas worked well together. They were enthusiastic and well behaved.”

Thomas, Edith, Amaya and William (together with all the competing teams) were rewarded for their efforts with a fantastic chemistry demonstration in the afternoon by world-renowned chemist Professor Andrea Sella. Their favourite bit was, undoubtedly, getting to eat the liquid nitrogen-manufactured ice cream.

Congratulations to Thomas, Edith, Amaya and William!