Pupil Anthony Knight is raising awareness for cancer

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Anthony Knight, one of our current year 13 students at Bethany, is putting himself in the ring! He is participating in a boxing match to raise awareness and money for Cancer Research.

When did you start boxing?
I started when I was ten years old.

What sparked your interest in boxing at such a young age?
Boxing has been a major sport for many members of my family. My grandparents and cousins have all boxed for fitness, fun and competition. However, the major influence on my life has been my elder brother. He was a boxer who competed in lots of bouts and was very successful. He even competed in the finals of a national competition.

Where have you trained and where do you train currently?
I have moved around a lot. I have trained at a boxing gym in Tenterden, with a personal trainer in Rye, at a well-known gym in Bexley and will be training in Ashford for my upcoming bout.

Who is your favourite boxer?
My favourite boxer is Anthony Joshua. He is very talented but humble and he has the same first name as me!

Why are fighting in the WCB (White Collar Boxing event)?
I am passionate about the sport of boxing and about raising money for this charity. Cancer research has helped so many people and will continue to do so with our help.

What do you think the outcome will be of your WCB boxing match?
I believe I will get to the final and knock out my opponent in the second round.

We wish him the best of luck in his joint endeavours of raising money and winning his boxing match!

To help support Anthony in his endeavour, please check out the following website and donate to a good cause.