Project Based Learning: The Crystal Maze

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A windy and chilly start to the day failed to dampen the spirits of our Year 7 pupils as they embarked on their first Project Based Learning day of the year. Based on the Crystal Maze, the idea behind the activities was to get to know others in the Year Group and work on team-building skills. Whether deciphering clues in Mr Philbin’s Escape Room or negotiating a range of tasks on the Low Ropes course with Mr Cooper, the Year 7s acquitted themselves well.

Successfully completing the tasks allowed the pupils to collect ‘crystals’ which gave them more time in the Crystal Dome. As the day went on, even the weather brightened up, and we concluded the day in the lovely late summer sunshine.

As last year, the arrival on site of the Crystal Dome provoked some excitement and the teams couldn’t wait for their turn. Jumping around frantically seemed to be the order of the day in an effort to grab as many gold tokens as possible. In the end, the team who won The Crystal Maze were team ‘Faze’, made up of Alice Colman, Ben Sanderson, Luca Chettiar, Ethan Taylor and Rohan Paintal-Maycock.

The Project Based Learning Team Work champions were team ‘Trees’ made up of Toyosi Bada, Matthew Kiddell, Rebecca Martin, Lawrie Pettit and Sam Denny. Congratulations to all the winners. We are grateful to many of our Year 13 pupils who took on the running of most of the activities to enable teachers to get on with the small business of teaching!

Project Based Learning days are a fixture in the calendar for Years 7 and 8 and we look forward to the concept going from strength to strength.