In order to meet the Regulatory Requirements for Independent Schools, Bethany School must let parents and prospective parents know how to access certain key items of information and policies. The following is a list of these items of information and policies and how they can be accessed.  All the information listed below can be forwarded upon request and can also be made available at the School.  No charge will be made for the provision of such information:

  1. School address, telephone number and name of the Head Teacher – on the footer of every page on this website.
  2. Name and address for correspondence of the Chairman of Governors.
  3. Statement of the School’s ethos and aims.
  4. The School’s academic performance in public examinations.
  5. School’s staff: number, names and qualifications.
  6. There have been two formal complaints in the last school year.

Inspection Reports

The School’s Inspection Reports are available below:

Regulatory Compliance Inspection Report 2019 (Inspection letter to Parents)
Independent Schools Inspectorate report 2016
Boarding Report 2013


Admissions Policy – March 2019
Anti Bullying Policy – March 2019
Behaviourial and Discipline Policy – March 2019
Curriculum Policy – December 2018
First Aid Policy – January 2019
Health and Safety Policy – January 2019
Recruitment Policy – September 2018
Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy – March 2019 
Special Educational Needs and Disability Policy – March 2019 
Written Complaints Procedure – September 2018
Statement of Boarding Principles

Data Protection

Privacy Notice – May 2018

Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions for the provision of educational services.