Pizzapprentice with Project Based Learning

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On Monday and Thursday, Year 8 pupils were involved with the Autumn term’s Project Based Learning (PBL) project. They were given the task of setting up a business, and planning, creating and marketing a new pizza. This was the Pizzaprentice! Under the watchful eye of Mrs Hill, Mr Davies, Mr Norman, Ms MacRae and Mr Hamilton, pupils were assessed for their teamwork skills; this included leadership and communication – essential skills for the workplace.

Day one started with an introduction to the task delivered by Mr Davies. Pupils were split into their respective teams and got underway by setting up their business name and assigning roles to each member of the team. Each member attended a talk about their role and how they would need to contribute to the overall project. This insight allowed for inquisitive questions about how best to shape their team’s marketing strategy. Pizza designers were given the special job of coming up with the pizza concept and creating a unique selling point for the pizza. The day ended with a planned marketing strategy, a list of pizza ingredients and a timetable for day two.

Ingredients delivered, food tech room prepped, and pupils poised, day two was kicked off with a briefing from Mrs Hill. Two members of each group went to the food tech room to prepare the pizza while the remaining members started to create marketing and promotional materials needed to complete the challenge. This included their media campaign, designing the pizza box, and display materials for pizza stands.

Period 6 saw a flurry of activity as pupils started to create their pizza display stands and cook the pizzas ready for the taste testing by staff during afternoon break. The Headmaster, Mr Duff and Mrs Thornton were amongst staff to visit the stand. The staff were able to vote for their favourite pizza and marketing strategy by giving teams tokens. The three teams with the highest number of tokens were through to the next round!

The two-day PBL project culminated in an Apprentice-style showdown with Mr Hamilton playing the role of Lord Sugar; Karen Holland, Catering Manager of Holroyd Howe, and the school Bursar, Stuart Harris, playing the role of his assistants. The top 4 teams were Illiminatos Pizza, Rauj Pizza Delivery, Global Pizzeria and Slice Queen. The teams had to pitch their business and their product to the panel, talking about their marketing strategy and pizza creation.

After much deliberation, the panel chose Global Pizzeria as the Pizzaprentice winner. Their pitch was very well presented and humorous, and their idea was unique: a pizza with slices representing the flavours of countries from around the world; a concept that they had cleverly incorporated into their company logo and pizza box design.

Chequers Pizza were also crowned PBL winners for being the team with the highest PBL score for their high level of teamwork, leadership and communication across the two days.