Performing Arts continue to raise the bar

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On Wednesday 3rd April, the Performing Arts department hosted their annual Easter Concert. The event is an opportunity to showcase the musical talents of our pupils across the school in a formal setting.

The evening proved to be a great success with over 15 acts performing either a solo or duo performance in front of an audience of 150, made up of pupils, staff and parents. The pupils all performed with professionalism and confidence, and the feedback from those who attended the evening has been overwhelmingly positive. One parent said: “The quality surpassed that of anything I have seen at the Easter concert before and the performers were polished and confident.”

Standout performances of the evening came from first-time concert performer, Taylor Mae Muller who performed an extremely moving rendition of “She Used to be Mine” from Waitress the Musical, as well as Year 11 Music Performance pupils, Ellie Russell and John Tai who did a cover of the Oscar-winning song “Shallows” from the hit movie “A Star is Born”.

Head of Music, Jonny Brinson said, “The standard of our events just keeps going up and up. It seems each time we do one of these events, the bar just gets set higher each time. Our pupils are growing in confidence and what we witnessed at this event would not have been possible twelve months ago. This is all part of the journey towards our vision for the where we see the department going.”