Performing Arts pupils inspired by up and coming artists

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Last week our Performing Arts department organised a trip to London for Sixth Form pupils to attend a live music concert at The Garage in Islington. The pupils were treated to live performances from three up and coming bands, with the headlining act coming all the way from Australia who goes by the name of The Faim, and have gathered an incredible amount of momentum in the music industry over the last 12 months.

Pupils were blown away by the experience they had and were given an opportunity to develop new ideas for how they could improve their own performance ability by comparing themselves to the musicians they were watching.

Head of Music, Jonny Brinson, said: “We feel it’s incredibly important that we provide our pupils with as many of these opportunities as possible. We pride ourselves on being a department that is relevant and allows our pupils to have experiences that will further develop their understanding of practical music in a way that they ultimately become more successful musicians, like the ones they are watching perform on stage in front of them.”