Pengelly Society talk ‘Pure Kent’

Posted In Sixth Form

On Thursday 18th January, Bethany held the term’s first Pengelly Society meeting for Sixth Form pupils. On this occasion we were joined by Claire Eckley of Eckley Farms. Claire delivered an informative presentation about how the family has developed the farm, taking a more sustainable approach to arable farming that encourages better management of the land to sustain its quality and productivity.

Claire also spoke about how the farm makes use of tractor GPS for provision farming and the benefits of biodiversity in regards to planting, both for the environment and providing habitats for wildlife species. Further, the farm has increasingly developed its own brand, Pure Kent, which is a great vehicle for promoting its four main products – wheat, rapeseed, field beans and oats.

Eckley Farm’s rapeseed oil is pressed on the farm and has won many awards; it is also used by ‘Cook’ across its ready meal ranges.