PBL: how can you improve life for people with a specific disability?

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Last week saw our Year 7 pupils participate in their Spring term Project Based Learning (PBL) experience. The project ran over three days during which they were asked to respond to the question: how can you improve life for people with a specific disability?

The project began with speakers from Kent Association for the Blind, Parkinson’s UK and the MS Society talking to pupils about living with different disabilities. This gave Year 7 plenty of food for thought and aided their discussions when they turned their attention to coming up with an innovative and inventive new product.

There were some fabulous ideas, and, after the initial design phase, groups spent a day in the DT workshop turning them into prototypes before working together to create marketing campaigns that took into account the importance of the four Ps – Product, Price, Promotion and Place.

The project culminated with pupils displaying their work and presenting their ideas, first to a panel of judges and then to their parents prior to the Year 7 Parent-Teacher meeting.

Staff leading the project observed some highly effective teamwork and were particularly impressed with the high levels of engagement and persistence that pupils demonstrated as they sought to find solutions to problems and work to tight deadlines.

There will be two further PBL projects in the summer term – one for Year 7 and another for Year 8. The focus will be to continue to build transferable skills such as teamwork and problem solving that help pupils to prepare for both the wider world and to make them more resilient learners in the academic classroom.