Orchard update

Posted In Sixth Form

​​​​​​​It’s been a busy few days for The Orchard. Our non-Christmas Christmas outing (too much happens around Christmas, so we have to pretend that this isn’t a Christmas outing) took place on Thursday; off for a second visit in a couple of years to the Panic Rooms in Gravesend.

This was a much-anticipated event, with some hugely confident of exiting their chosen room inside five minutes and others thinking they’d never get out. As it happened, two groups were successful, with the Prison Van successfully exited by the Acorns Year 13 boys (super confident beforehand) and also the Loop group (mind you, they thought there was every chance we’d have to return next week to get them out). So, congratulations to Felix, Jeremy, Johnny, Will C, Marcus, Lottie, Isabella, James, Will B and Ben.

Last week, Ms Smart and some of the more culinary-minded of the pupils spent a Monday evening baking cakes for the MacMillan Cancer Coffee Morning fundraiser, which resulted in the fantastic sum of £235 being raised for the charity. I can particularly recommend Katy and Nina’s ice-cream cakes.

We have also welcomed Molly, who joined us just after half term – we hope that she’s as happy as the rest of us!

And lastly, our House Committee has got together for the first time and is canvassing opinion on several important matters; most importantly, where should we go on our next trip out? They will also be taking the important decision as to what colour baubles to hang on the Christmas tree (after next week, we’re officially allowed to talk about Christmas) – come in and visit us to see what they chose!