Nurturing our budding entrepreneurs

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On Tuesday 26th June, Year 12 pupils gathered in the Function Suite for an Entrepreneurship Morning. The event focused on the concept of entrepreneurship including what is entrepreneurship, personal qualities of an entrepreneur and a self-assessment of pupils’ own personalities.

Pupils were also shown a film about a well-known entrepreneur who named his company after a fruit and were invited to invent their own app for the group challenge. Andy Payne, the founder and Managing Director of ‘Blue Forest’ tree house design and construction – and a member of our alumni community – gave a talk to the Sixth Form.

Pupils enjoyed the event tremendously and commented how nice it was to do something vocational across the year group. Andy’s talk was hugely informative, with some excellent advice on growing a business, being a business ‘influencer’ and using social media and technology to maximum effect and wider life skills.

The group task – which was to sell a new app to a panel of funding providers – was won by Maria, Georgia and Natalie (pictured with Andy Payne), who proposed an app named ‘EduFresh’. Details cannot be divulged, as it was such a good idea it may be copied before they have a chance to launch it!