New Music Technology Hub officially open

Posted In Creative, Music

The Music department is really excited to announce that their brand new Music Technology Hub for September 2018 has officially opened. These brand new facilities are made up of a range of the latest iMacs, all of which have been set up with Logic Pro X which is industry-standard sequencing software that allows pupils a chance to compose, record, edit, and publish their own music. As technology is always moving forward, the music industry is moving too, so it is vital that we are providing our pupils with opportunities that match this everchanging industry.

Since opening this new space, pupils have been engaged more than ever, and it’s providing them with an opportunity to explore music in a different way. We find that we have a number of pupils who are passionate about music and would love to explore that passion further, but they have no desire to be in the spotlight. Having access to Music Technology facilities allows those pupils to continue developing their passion but from a new perspective.