Name: Sharon Umahi

House: The Orchard

When did you join Bethany?

I came to Bethany in October 2016 for the Sixth Form. Prior to that I was at a British school in Nigeria.

Why did you choose to study in the UK?

I want to go to university in the UK, so it was important to me that I came here to do A Levels. Bethany was recommended to me and I went on to do my own research into the School. I didn’t have the opportunity to visit Bethany in person before coming here as a pupil so I did the virtual tour to learn more about the School, and this was really helpful. Once I arrived, I realised that the School was larger than I expected, with lots of open space. However, once you get to know it, you find that it’s a small, close community.

What A Levels did you study?

Physics, Chemistry and Biology (I also studied AS Level Mathematics in Year 12).

Were you involved in any sports teams or music activities outside of lessons?

I didn’t participate in organised sports or music but I did spend additional time studying as I am focussed on my ambition of studying Pharmacy, followed by a postgraduate degree as a route into Medicine.

What did you enjoy about boarding?

The Boarding House was like your family and it’s easy to be sociable as everyone wants to know you. We all got along like family – we didn’t always agree but we lived, worked and played together and we supported each other.

What are you doing now that you have left Bethany?

I am studying Pharmacy at University College London, and I plan to use my degree as a route into medicine.

What advice would you give a pupil from Nigeria thinking of coming to Bethany?

For me, the transition was easier as I came from a British school. However, it was still an adjustment – the food was different from how I expected, for example. However, my advice is just to be yourself! You are bringing something new to our community and we all adapt to each other.

For me, the best thing about Bethany was that we were able to focus on the serious side – our academic studies – and enjoy the social side as well. For me, there was a great balance between education and activities.

What do you think was the best thing about the Sixth Form at Bethany?

That we were truly part of a community. I also really valued the support we received from teaching staff – they were always available to help, even out of school teaching hours.

Mr Rob Philbin, Head of Biology: It has been a pleasure to support Sharon through her Sixth Form education. She has proven herself to be a highly dedicated pupil with an enormous amount of academic potential. She is a kind and courteous individual and I wish her the very best for the future.