Year Group: 13

House: Orchard

When did you join Bethany?

I came to Bethany in 2012 and joined the School in Year 7 so I’ve been here from the beginning!

Why did you choose to study in the UK?

My older brother came to the School and so my father thought this was the best school for me and my other siblings.

What A levels are you studying?

I am studying Textiles, Photography and Design and Technology. I want to become a Product Designer so I would say that DT is the subject I am most passionate about.

Are you involved with any sports teams or music activities outside of lessons?

I’ve always been very sporty so I am in the first team for Netball, Rounders and Hockey and I used to play for Marden Russets.

What do you enjoy about boarding?

I have enjoyed boarding a lot. When I first arrived I didn’t know how to speak English and so boarding has helped me to get used to the surroundings and the language pretty fast. I am so much more independent now and it’s great practice before going off to university. When a new boarder comes to the Orchard I always try my best to make them feel welcome because I’ve been there and I know what it’s like!

What is your ambition after leaving Bethany?

I would like to become a Product Designer and study at either the University of Nottingham or Nottingham Trent University. I like looking at products and seeing what I want to change to make people’s lives easier, I suppose!

What advice would you give to a pupil from your country thinking of coming to Bethany?

To be honest it will be quite hard in the beginning because you’re away from home but it gets easier. Be yourself and don’t be afraid to interact with other people in your boarding house – they’re in the same position you are! Also, don’t be scared to try new things and get involved with sports teams or other extracurricular activities. The people who I live with are my second family.

What do you think is the best thing about the Sixth Form at Bethany?

Because A levels are so important, the teachers tend to push you more which I like and now I can take that mentality with me to university. I like the fact that you get free periods as well so you have more time to spend on your work.

Is there anyone at Bethany who you would like to thank?

Miss Brown has really helped me a lot throughout the years. I see her as a mother figure and I can talk to her about anything!



I have taught Lorenza from when she first started here at Bethany right the way through to her A levels in Textiles and Photography. She is a model pupil and great ambassador for the Art department – at times I struggle to get her out of my room she is that keen to learn new techniques and medias within her Textiles and Photography! She is a dedicated pupil who loves everything to do with being creative and it has been an absolute pleasure to see her grow into a beautiful, young adult who is ambitious, expressive and unique in every way. I will miss Lorenza’s bubbly personality and energy for the subject when she leaves us after Year 13.”

Miss Nicola Brown, Teacher of Art and Textiles