Name: Kenneth Ling

Year Group: 13

House: Orchard

When did you join Bethany School?
I came to Bethany in Year 10 for my GCSEs. Before that I was at school in Hong Kong.

Why did you choose to study in the UK?
My family and I felt that the different education system in the UK would suit me. In Hong Kong, the school environment is quite pressured and you have to learn a lot in a very short time. Most of the classes in HK are quite large; at Bethany there is a much better teacher:pupils ratio so you can ask more questions and have more interaction in class.

What A levels are you studying?
Physics, Business Studies, Mathematics and Further Mathematics

Are you involved in any sports teams or music activities outside of lessons?
I like sports, so I enjoy going to the sports hall and the Fitness Suite.

What do you enjoy about boarding?
On Sundays it’s quite relaxed; although you get prep time you have time to chill out.

If you come to Bethany as a boarding pupil, the House staff really look after everyone and they work hard to make new pupils feel welcome.

What is your ambition after leaving Bethany?
I’m going to University to study Mechanical Engineering. 

What advice would you give a pupil from Hong Kong thinking of coming to Bethany?
Learn the language first and make every effort to practice it once you arrive.

The good thing about Bethany is that you get to try new subjects, such as Design & Technology, and PE, which aren’t GCSE subjects in Hong Kong.

You will love the School environment. It’s a great place to learn and very green!

What do you think is the best thing about the Sixth Form at Bethany?
You can work in your room in Year 13 which is great as it means you can really focus. Sixth Form pupils also have their own dress codes and are able to wear suits.

Have any members of staff been a particular influence on you?
Mr Khan – the Housemaster of The Mount – was a great housemaster to me and an excellent Business Studies teacher. He works really hard to look after the boarders and organises loads of activities for us. Mr Bailey is a great mathematics teacher and always has time for questions, including outside of lessons.

Kenneth was chosen as Deputy Head of School because he is an excellent role model for all pupils, especially those who come from overseas. He has achieved great things academically and we hope he will go onto study at a top university. In addition, Kenneth has contributed fully to the wider life of the School as an exceptional Head of House and in sports on the basketball court.

Steve Winter, Deputy Headmaster