Year Group: 13

House: The Orchard

When did you join Bethany School?

I joined Bethany when I was in Year 7 which was 2012.

What A levels are you studying?

I am studying Applied Business, Finance and PE. I enjoy Finance the most as the subject is so versatile and I like learning about things which will affect me later on in life.

Are you involved with any sports teams or music activities outside of lessons?

I am in the rounders, netball and hockey teams. I’ve been the hockey captain for the 1st team since last year when Miss King nominated me – I’d like to think this was due to my experience and leadership skills.

What is your ambition after leaving Bethany?

I would like to study Finance and Banking at the University of Exeter.

What do you think is the best thing about Sixth Form at Bethany?

The independence is great to have and Bethany prepares you well for University. Mr Duff and Mr Khan are my favourite teachers, they’ve really fuelled my passion for business and finance.

Georgina Hill, Deputy Head of School

“Georgina is a pleasure to teach – polite, well-mannered and extremely hard working. She has a natural intrigue for business and finance and is constantly seeking to raise the bar higher and higher – often being her own harshest critic! She certainly has the talent and every characteristic required to go far in the world of business. I sincerely look forward to how her future career develops and am proud to call her my pupil.”

Simon Duff, Head of Business Economics