Year Group: 13

House: Orchard

When did you join Bethany?

I came to Bethany in September 2012 in Year 7. I remember Bethany being a lot more welcoming than other schools!

What A levels are you studying?

English Literature, Music and Drama. There are so many different opportunities in Music and our teacher, Mr Brinson, helps to fulfil those. At the beginning of Year 12, we started a band that includes myself, Natalie, James and Warwick. Mr Brinson really wants us to experience different things as a band and so we have been to London, organised and played at our own Festival and performed live at a pub.

Are you involved with any sports teams or music activities outside of School?

I’m very heavily into my Music, as previously mentioned. Organising a festival for the School was definitely a highlight of my time at Bethany. It definitely made us more mature as we planned the entire thing as a band. We had to go to meetings with senior members of the School, attract listeners and plan who was going to play alongside us. The end result made us very proud as a group.

What is your ambition after leaving Bethany?

I want to go and study Law at UEA and Canterbury Christ Church is my second option. I’ve always known that I wanted to do Law but after speaking with Alice Healy I knew the specific direction I wanted to take.

What do you think is the best thing about Sixth Form at Bethany?

Even though you are in Sixth Form we get the same amount of help that you would in the lower school. You get more respect from teachers and they understand your situations more.

Is there a member of staff/friend who has had a particular influence on your time at Bethany?

Mrs Shapland, definitely. I never thought about doing English Literature for A level until I got my A at GCSE. I didn’t think I was capable up until then and she really encouraged me to pursue it for A level.