Medical Mavericks come to Bethany

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On Thursday 29th March, Year 7 to 10 pupils were treated to a visit from Medical Mavericks, a company that run workshops about potential careers in medicine.

Medical Mavericks provide all the equipment and this workshop enabled pupils to try and test real doctors and nurse’s tools used by the NHS. The pupils could barely contain their excitement!

There were blood pressure monitors, double vision goggles and ultrasound equipment – all of which the pupils took turns to try. There was also a green suit to wear that simulated the feeling of being old and having stiff joints which was surprisingly popular!

Sam Pilkington, from Medical Mavericks, said: “Health and medicine is a difficult sector to get into but by us bringing our mobile equipment to schools it enables pupils to get some real work experience and an insight to what’s out there. It just gives a context and practical experience rather than words from a textbook.”

Teacher of Science, James Vickerman, added: “These events give pupils a fantastic opportunity to see science in action and to inspire them in possible future career opportunities.”

Head of Science, Mike Thomas, added: “we are very grateful to Medical Mavericks for their inspiring workshop today”.