Léon Verhaeghe uses Microsoft Teams to take part in his Year 9 English lesson

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Léon Verhaeghe joined a Year 9 Poetry lesson today from home in Belgium.

​​​​​​​Léon used Microsoft Teams to access all the relevant Powerpoints and Word documents and learnt all about how the poet, Norman MacCaig presents his Aunt Julia, in his poem of the same name. Not only did he successfully complete the same tasks as the pupils in the classroom, but he also contributed to the discussions and asked pertinent questions.

Léon spoke warmly about the experience of working on Teams:

“It was easy to connect and to log in, and it was great to be part of the lesson. For me and my Mum and Dad, it is important that I experience this contact and interaction. It is fun for me because I liked it and it is good because I miss nothing. It was also easy to follow the lesson.”

We look forward to Léon’s involvement in all English lessons in the future.