What is now known as Kendon House was the original Bethany House School, completed in 1866 and named after the School’s founder, J J Kendon. It has a rich history and still retains some of its original features although it has been developed extensively over the years and, following further recent refurbishments, is modern and well-equipped.

The House caters for boarders from Years 7 to 12, and for day boys between Years 7 and 11, and is
proud of its multi-national and multi-cultural composition, something of which J J Kendon, a noted philanthropist, would surely have been proud.

This diversity creates a special atmosphere in which the boys are able to develop the important skills of acceptance, solidarity and teamwork, alongside their academic development; it is no coincidence that Kendon boys are some of the most friendly, polite and helpful that you will find!

James Vickerman is the Housemaster of Kendon and lives there with his wife Dr Louise Vickerman and children Charles and Elizabeth.

James’ aim is to provide a safe and secure environment to support all pupils, allowing them to learn through good guidance and from their own experiences as they grow up during their time in Kendon.