Inventors and Entrepreneurs pitch their ideas to the Dragons

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Dragons’ Den began its Year 9 presentations this week

​​​​​​​Inventors and entrepreneurs pitched their ideas to the three Dragons who, in turn, asked delving questions to understand the thought process behind the inventions and ideas.

Each pupil had to identify a common problem and design a product / contraption to help solve it. They had to write a sales pitch using persuasive writing techniques.  The power point presentations were sharp and the ideas very imaginative.

The Dragons were impressed with the ambition of the contestants to solve real problems that face many people. The diversity was inspiring, covering medical devices and pharmaceutical solutions to new personal tech and gadgets to solve every day difficulties.

The Dragons found many of the powerpoint presentations were well thought out with exciting use of graphics.

“I am hoping to invest in more than one of the ideas when they make it to prototype in the near future.”

Dragon Nick Frank.