Individuality, courage and role models: competitive house chapel

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Over the past couple of weeks, Bethany School held our annual competitive house Chapel competition. This is where pupils from each of the three houses get to choose a Chapel topic then prepare, write and present to the whole School over two mornings.

Reverend Serena Willoughby, said: “It’s been an inspiring few days as we’ve enjoyed being challenged by Kiplings, Speakers and Roberts on such subjects as role models, individuality and courage. I was struck by their confidence and thoughtful preparation, they all worked hard to make sure that their message was relevant and accessible to every age in Chapel. It was close, I know all judges say that, but it honestly was.”

The four judges felt that Speakers showed best involvement, variety and message overall, closely followed by Kiplings and Roberts in second place. This was a wonderful opportunity for our pupils to put themselves out of their comfort zones and inspire others through their message.