Get’cha head in the game: High School Musical tickets on sale now!

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Tickets for the Bethany School Performing Arts Production of High School Musical are on sale now. The show takes place in an American High School where everyone knows “The Brainiacs”, “The Thespians”, ‘The Skaters” and of course the “The Jocks”.

Then basketball captain Troy Bolton (James Clarke) upsets the status quo when he auditions for the school show. The Drama President, Sharpay (Libby Donegan), is furious and with the help of her brother Ryan (Sean Evelegh), they set about to bring order to the school once more. Natalie Whyte plays Gabriella Montez, the shy intelligent girl who joins Troy on his journey to become a stage superstar.

As the cast prepares for the final week of rehearsals it is clear that this year’s production will be the biggest Bethany has ever seen. With over 40 of Bethany School’s finest performers taking part, ranging from Years 7-13, this show certainly will continue to raise the standard of the Performing Arts on offer. Pupils will be interacting with professional staging, lighting and sound equipment to ensure the production is of the highest quality. The cast has undertaken intensive dance, singing and acting training in preparation with some of the cast even having to learn some intricate basketball sequences.

“We are so proud of the cast,” said producer Alex Bolton. “They have worked at weekends, after school and even lunchtimes to ensure they can deliver the best performance yet.” The Director of Performing Arts reflected on their journey from page to stage. “We have a specialist team of teachers who are dedicated to providing the very best for our young people.”

Director of the show Dan Smith is continuing to develop the cast’s characterisation. “It is musical theatre at its best and the characters are so colourful, you can really have fun making sure they are larger than life.”

Rachael Payne, Head of Dance and chief choreographer is once more putting the cast through their paces with over 15 dance routines to have prepared since rehearsals started in September. This show will be a mix of contemporary dance, ensemble work and incorporate the use of sports equipment.

The lead for the show, James Clarke, said: “I’ve never had to work as hard as this before in production; in previous shows, there have always been moments where I can take a break, but this is intense”. As basketball captain Troy Bolton, James had to work on his basketball technique with one routine using basketballs in unison with his fellow performers. “Timing was everything and when we first went through the routine I thought we would never do it, but the hard work has really been worth it. You will love the end result.”

High School Musical opens on the 1st February at 7pm until the 3rd of February and tickets are on sale now in reception for £10.