High School Musical cast announced

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Is your head in the game? High School Musical is about to bop to the top of Bethany School!

Bethany Performing Arts have started the new academic year with auditions for High School Musical. The audition process welcomed over 50 pupils from the School as they embarked on dance, music and drama workshops to see who would portray roles that first soared Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens to stardom in 2006.

The performing arts team had a tough job ahead of them as they started to sort performers into categories including dancers, singers and principal characters. “The response we received was fantastic and it was great to see so many new faces join our company,” reflected Director Mr Dan Smith – working alongside Artistic Director Mr Alex Bolton – on the task at hand.

“The more pupils who auditioned, the tougher our job was to allocate the right pupil to the right role. However, we got there in the end and we are very excited about the cast we have in place!”

The story takes place in an American high school where, for the first time in its history, basketball captain Troy Bolton is about to take a leading role in the school musical. More established members of the musical fraternity will stop at nothing to see Troy quit the show and, as the rivalry grows, love blossoms between Troy and his potential leading lady Gabriella.

Bethany Performing Arts have their work cut out for them and, following the audition process, Year 12 pupils James Clarke and Natalie Whyte will take centre stage as Troy and Gabriella. Sean Evelegh and Libby Donegan will also star as the ambitious twins Sharpay and Ryan, who want to destroy Troy’s dreams. Dan Davies has signed up to play Troy’s father Coach Bolton (amidst rumours that a member of staff would play this role).

Mr Alex Bolton, Artistic Director for the show, said, “We had so much talent audition that auditioned and the cast will no doubt take Bethany Performing Arts to the next level. We now have to get them not only learning dances but some also have to become proficient in using a basketball!”

Following Little Shop of Horrors and Jungle Book in the summer, the big question everyone is asking is how can the team bring together another sell-out show? Through the collaborative expertise of the team, a cast of extremely talented pupils and a dedicated stage crew, High School Musical will be yet another success. The show will open its doors on Thursday 1st February including a highlight showing for open morning on the 3rd February. Tickets will be on sale from January for £10. Until then: GOOOO WILDCATS!!!