High Flyers make the news at The Guardian

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In the newsroom

Twenty-five Bethany High Flyers from across Years 7, 8 and 9 took a trip to London this week to participate in a workshop at The Guardian News and Education Centre.

They all demonstrated excellent use of our Bethany learning habits to complete the challenge that was set: to create a newspaper front page in four hours, with tight deadlines set throughout the day for different tasks.

Pupils worked in pairs and were tasked with selecting five news stories for their front page. They were responsible for researching, writing and editing their stories before working on the layout and presentation.

Assistant Head (Academic), Emily Hill, said: “this was a fantastic opportunity for our High Flyers to work with real news stories in an authentic newsroom environment. They all worked incredibly hard and were a credit to Bethany School and to the High Flyers programme.”