Bethany School fundraise for the Happy School Bag Scheme

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We are delighted to announce that the Bethany Eco Schools groups are organising a textile collection for the Happy School Bag Scheme. This scheme is designed to help schools to raise funds and to help the environment by diverting discarded but reusable textiles away from landfill.

In the UK alone, we consume and discard over 1.4 million tonnes of textiles a year which go directly into landfill despite the fact that there is spare capacity in textiles recycling plants. By taking part in this scheme you help to reduce this amount by giving textiles a new lease of life.

Bethany Eco Schools are looking to raise money specifically for two causes: Weald Family Hub and for the purchase of a fruit tree to join the Boarding Schools’ Association’s (BSA) country wide orchard.

The Weald Family Hub is a local initiative committed to helping children, teenagers and their families in the Weald community who are struggling with issues of mental health. The Hub is currently funding counselling in 12 primary schools in the Weald and will shortly start working directly with families delivering a support programme.

Remember that the more you donate the more the school can raise; we receive a competitive rate of 60p per kilo. This is a fantastic opportunity to raise awareness amongst our pupils and their families for mental health and the environment. Everyone can take part so spread the word and let’s get fundraising!

Please bring all your bags to your tutor or reception on Monday 21st January so that we can be ready for the collection on the following day and help us have an amazing collection.