Happy Easter: Why has nothing changed?

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Over the past 2000 years, since before the birth of Christ, the human race still hasn’t figured out how to resolve conflicts without bloodshed, violence, destruction and war. Perhaps it is because we are ignorant, greedy, jealous, gluttonous or obsessed. In fact people are probably a compilation of all those things. Have you ever thought that if humans would have never existed, wouldn’t this world be a better place? For instance, global warming wouldn’t be an issue and so many extinct animals would still be alive.

Perhaps the reason for conflict is that people are ignorant and obsessive they would do anything to get what they want, no matter how or what they might drag down with them. They can’t accept that other people have different views and fail to find common ground or accept what others think. The human race almost always turns petty arguments into a conflict, dragging down other people, who often have nothing to do with them.

What even is conflict? Conflict is disagreement, but contrary to popular belief conflict does not necessarily involve fighting. Conflict exists in any situation where facts, desires or fears pull or push participants against each other or in divergent directions.

Or maybe perhaps it is because people will never truly be able to understand or agree with each other. Even if you are the best of friends, sisters, brothers, siblings, lovers or identical twins you won’t always have the same ideas or think the same things.

You are probably thinking that, if there is no way we can understand each other, then conflict is unavoidable. But you are wrong. All people need to do is let go of their pride, from time to time, and agree with the opposing side. Giving in won’t make you weak, frail, insecure, fragile or spineless; in fact, it will make you a stronger, better person. Being able to give in and agree or compromise is one of the strongest things you can do.

Now I know that I am just some random kid who can’t really change anything on my own and I know I am on a sort of rant here.  And, thinking about it, it kind of turned into me just the ranting people I have been talking about. The world would be better off without us and I’m sorry for straying of topic but these are my thoughts and I really mean them. I also know that not every conflict or problem can be solved by just giving in and agreeing; and it would be naïve to think that the world’s problems can be solved so easily. But we have to start somewhere, and Easter is a great place to start.

Happy Easter.

Celeste, Year 8