Date you joined the School
September 2017.

What do you do at Bethany?
Teach Mandarin and English as an Additional Language.

What did you do before you came to Bethany?
Teaching assistant.

What is your favourite novel/music/artist/film and why?
50 first dates. Always a fresh start.

What is your favourite quotation and why?
To be or not to be. It sounds so nice.

What was your favourite subject at school and why?
Biology, because it is so interesting.

Why do you like working at Bethany?
I feel supported by other colleagues.

What interests do you have outside Bethany?
Watching movies.

What is your favourite childhood memory?
Play with my cousins in the summer holiday.

What is your favourite colour and why?
Blue, because it is both pretty and peaceful.

If you were not doing what you are doing now, what would you like to do?
Live in France and really learn French.

Bethany School - Dorothy Li